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Computer Monster
Have you met the Computer Monster? You probably have and never knew it!
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Evenings & Weekend Service Available by Appointment

We Guarantee all of our Services with our Fix-IT-Right Guarantee! If you are not Completely Satisfied, you won't pay a penny.

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Walk-In Repairs

We offer Flat-Rate pricing on many of the services we offer in our shop. There is no guessing at how much it will cost. No watching the clock as the price climbs. No worrying about additional fees. And no fear of paying more than your computer's worth just to get it fixed! What we quote here is what you pay.

Whether it takes us 20 minutes or 2 hours or more, rest assured you won't pay a penny extra!

Flat-Rate Services

Advanced Computer Diagnostic
We will figure out exactly what is wrong with your computer and let you know exactly what it will cost to fix. We will also apply the cost of the Computer Diagnostic toward the cost of the repair or any other service.

For a limited time - we are offering FREE Basic Computer Diagnostics for laptops and desktops in our shop from 2-5PM Weekdays!
Virus/Malware Removal
Uh oh! The Computer Monster just made your computer his playground. Does your computer have a bad case of the Pop-Ups? Or perhaps it has an even worse case of I-Don't-Know-What-It-Is-But-Get-It-Off-My-Computer-Ware! We will evict the Computer Monster and protect you from his return!
Basic Computer Tune-Up
It's off to the races - or more like a nap! If your computer is slow like a turtle or sluggish like a cow - it probably needs a tune-up. We'll clean up temp files, defrag the hard drive (sounds like fun!), and make sure no unneccesary programs are running in the background. We'll even take a peek under the hood and get all of the little dust bunnies out.
Advanced Computer Tune-Up
It's everything from the Basic Computer Tune-Up and a whole lot more. We will dig deep and work out the kinks by cleaning up the Registry, make sure all Windows and major program updates are done, and check for file system integrity violations (almost sounds criminal!) Your computer will Thank You for this spa treatment!
Data Transfer
Sometimes it just needs to move. Whether your old computer died or you decided it was time to upgrade to a new one, we will transfer all of your documents, emails, pictures, videos, music, etc. to a different computer or external hard drive.
Data Keeper
Another option we have for keeping the data from an old computer that has died or is on it's way out is to convert the hard drive to an external USB drive that you can plug into a different Mac or PC had have access to everything. Available for both desktop and laptops. External USB Hard Drive Enclosure is included with this service.

General Labor is $129/hour for all Walk-In Repairs and Services that don't qualify for Flat-Rate pricing.

Walk-In Repair Hours
Monday2:00PM - 5:00PM
Tuesday2:00PM - 6:00PM
Wednesday2:00PM - 6:00PM
Thursday2:00PM - 6:00PM
Friday2:00PM - 5:00PM

Stop in during Walk-In Repair hours with no appointment necessary!

  • Drop off your laptop or computer for a diagnostic, service or repair.

  • Pick up a once-busted computer that is fixed.

  • Ask any questions you might have (we do like to give free advice!).

  • Buy a new or used computer.

  • Recycle a dead computer or one that has seen better days (FREE computer and laptop recycling!). We also recycle ink cartridges.

  • Or just stop in and enjoy a FREE throwback game or 2 of Pacman, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Dig Dug, Space Invaders, Galaga or any of the 60 old school games in our multi-cade arcade machine!